Witty, Charming, Great Hair, Friendly to Animals!

What more can you ask for? Alright, the serious stuff!

I was born in Janesville, Wisconsin. I started playing guitar when I was 14 and quickly became hooked on music. I played in several bands growing up (one of them fairly successful) and had quite a bit of live performance experience playing stages of all sizes. I later began to discover a fascination for the sound and representation of the music coming out of the speakers, which eventually led me to graduating with a Bachelors degree in Sound Arts and building my own studio which I currently work out of. I am very passionate about creating great sounding audio and music. I'm also extremely detailed oriented and strive for quality over quantity at all times. I have a great ability to bring out the best in the people that I work with, and I'm proud to have that skill.

Personal Stuff...

When I'm not working on music and audio, I enjoy the typical guy stuff, such as... Camping, 4-wheeling, cars, computers, electronics, gardening, fast stuff, buttons to push, knobs to twist, things to fix and troubleshooting. I also spend a lot of my time with my girlfriend and best friend, Brooke. We're a #1 team! I've also been getting into writing programs and coding lately. I'm probably a little late to the game at my age.. But I get a strong feeling that this is going to be a essential tool for anyone in the coming future. In this day and age, if you don't keep up with technology, you get left behind!